Le Potager Intelligent : pour cultiver en intérieur facilement !

The Smart Vegetable Garden: to grow indoors easily!

Living in the heart of the city can sometimes seem incompatible with having your own vegetable garden and growing organic fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants. However, many people still take up the challenge and show us that the vegetable garden and the interior or the vegetable garden in an apartment are not mutually exclusive. Indeed, many solutions are to be considered and allow us to cultivate our varieties too, and this, throughout the year and in any type of space or dwelling.

This is precisely what the Intelligent Vegetable Garden wants to allow them. 

What is a Smart Vegetable Garden?

The Smart Vegetable Garden is generally presented as a device or an object, often design, which contains a system which itself ensures the details and offers the conditions necessary for the growth of the varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs that one wishes to make push.

Intelligent vegetable garden cork pots

This indoor vegetable garden system allows everyone to create their own urban vegetable garden and also benefit from many harvests . It is therefore one of the most interesting products and has many advantages.

List of advantages of the Smart Vegetable Garden:

  • The Smart Vegetable Garden allows everyone to grow many varieties directly at home with ease. Even if he doesn't have a green thumb and doesn't have much time to devote to our organic fruit, vegetable and aromatic herb crops. Indeed, the Smart Vegetable Garden works thanks to a system which knows the details and the requirements of the varieties. It is therefore able to provide everything necessary to ensure the growth of plants.
  • One of the other advantages of the Smart Vegetable Garden lies in the fact that it is easy to use . Indeed, you can get this product easily at first, by finding it in store, or accessible in delivery. Once received in delivery, this device is installed in your interior and most of the time all that remains is to fill the water tank or to install the lighting and the LED light. These intelligent vegetable gardens, or Smart Garden, on which we wrote a previous article, require little maintenance thanks to a ready-to-use system and are therefore easy to use.
  • Smart Vegetable Gardens are therefore suitable for any type of profile and any type of interior. Allowing to create a vegetable garden easy and accessible to all. Thanks to this product, which combines all the conditions necessary for the growth of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants , you will be able to benefit from numerous and quality harvests throughout the year. Indeed, the vegetable gardens make it possible to recreate the external conditions of culture, and even to improve them thanks to the lighting in the integrated water tank. The led lamp provides light and the tank provides the water necessary for the growth of your plant.

You will be of the opinion that smart vegetable gardens (or Smart Garden) provide a convincing answer to the lack of time that one may have to take care of their vegetable garden. But not only the lack of time, since these vegetable gardens also have the advantage of taking up little space . This device responds in all respects to the constraints that we know in the city : little time, little space and not really used to seeds, seeds and gardening when you live in an urban area.

smart indoor vegetable garden advantages These vegetable gardens make it possible to cultivate without cluttering up and without dirtying its interior with the bags of compost or the sachets of seeds which are scattered everywhere. Thanks to this above-ground and recessed cultivation system, your home retains its cleanliness and, on the contrary, sometimes even makes it possible to embellish the interiors since it can be presented as a designer product. We find this kind of device at different prices and there are many models in stores or online, with more or less elaborate systems sometimes including refills and capsules. However, the refill or the capsules are points of detail and do not change the very soul and the objective of this device. That of allowing you to grow an aromatic plant like basil or parsley at home, or other organic fruits and vegetables throughout the weeks and with ease.

These vegetable gardens therefore have many advantages : beautiful, practical, ergonomic. This is enough to make you want to find a location right now for your smart vegetable garden!

What is the best location for your Smart Vegetable Garden?

Even if we have no garden, balcony , terrace or any other space open to the outside, we can think of different locations to create a vegetable garden at home. Indeed, smart vegetable gardens allow cultivation in apartments and indoors thanks to a system that ensures all the conditions relating to the growth of the plant.

Several rooms in the house or spaces are possible for smart vegetable gardens. They can indeed find their place in your kitchen , your living room or even your bathroom. The most important thing is to find a location where your Smart Garden is protected from the voltages of electricity and water and especially from the mixture of these two.

The strong point of this device is still this: to be able to allow the cultivation of a plant and a vegetable for everyone, even when you live in town and do not have a garden. or a yard. Even when you don't have a green thumb and don't really know how to grow varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants . Even when you don't have a lot of space at home or time to devote to your indoor garden.

These vegetable gardens are therefore the possibility of having a gardening experience , of being able to benefit from harvests of many varieties for several weeks thanks to an autonomous and intelligent system.

Enabling everyone to be able to grow their organic fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants is precisely what URBAN CUISINE wants. Our desire is indeed to democratize urban agriculture and to make the adventure of gardening easy and pleasant for everyone! It is with this ambition that we work and develop our products.

So, in the wake of smart vegetable gardens, we have developed a special product so that you can also cultivate directly at home. Even if you don't have a green thumb, even without having a lot of time to devote to it, and even without having unlimited space available.

This URBAN CUISINE Connected Vegetable Garden , ultra easy to use, will allow you to grow up to 16 plants of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs simultaneously . You can benefit from up to 30 kilos of crops per year . This gives you a good outlook for large yields of organic fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs throughout the weeks and in all seasons of the year.

For your vegetable garden, you can choose from a selection of 20 different varieties. A range of choices that includes different varieties such as basil , parsley , cherry tomatoes , cayenne pepper , among others!

You will thus be able to discover traditional and original flavors , great classics but also unexpected varieties . The cultivation of varieties is made possible in particular thanks to the URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clods. These plugs are also super easy to use and already contain all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for plant growth.

Made in France from vegetable fibers and optimized in nutrients, our Cultivation Mound was created to offer a gardening experience in all simplicity and accessible to all, even when you have no garden or outdoor courtyard. In these mottes, URBAN CUISINE undertakes to sow only reproducible seeds, of French origin and labeled "Organic Agriculture". These seeds make it possible to guarantee a healthy and quality final product which is also more respectful of the environment and which remunerates French farmers at the right price!

clods of culture

We are of the opinion and we believe that choosing good seeds is essential when growing a plant in your vegetable garden. This is why we have chosen these seeds for our Clods.

You will be able to opt for the Clods corresponding to the varieties of your choice to grow them in the Connected Vegetable Garden . With the system offered by this device, all the parameters are optimized : temperature, lighting, light, water supply or humidity. In this design device, everything is fully automated and ensures ideal growth conditions for any plant you grow, during the different growth phases.

You are now ready and all you have to do is choose the plants you want to grow and wait patiently for a few weeks to achieve your first harvests! You will think and agree with us that farming is possible, and quite achievable, even when you live in the middle of the city.

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