Où acheter des plants de légumes bio ?

Where to buy organic vegetable plants?

Tired of pesticide-infested vegetables sold on the market? Tired of fruits and vegetables that have spent weeks in a cold room, and thus lost almost all of their nutrients before being placed on the shelves of supermarkets? All of this is understandable.

Vegetables are of major importance in our diet , they are the ones that provide the nutrients necessary for our health . It is important to choose the right fruits, vegetables and even edible flowers to take full advantage of the benefits and flavors they can offer us.

Why consume organic vegetables?

Everyone has seen the advent of products from organic farming , with the arrival in supermarkets of special so-called “organic” departments and even stores specializing in the sale of organic products. Organic is even very frequently involved in the debates, in particular for the establishment of canteens which only offer organic products, for example.

Clearly, if organic arouses so much enthusiasm it is because we are beginning to collectively become aware of the advantages it has to offer us.

There are many reasons to turn to products from organic farming. First of all, choosing an organic product means avoiding the excesses of the production of the agro-food system , and all the pesticides and chemical fertilizers it uses and which contribute to denaturing fruits, vegetables and edible flowers.

This makes it possible to avoid chemical substances and to reconnect with the true taste and color of the vegetables and the variety that we choose to taste.

In addition to being harmful to our health, pesticides and chemical fertilizers have a negative impact on the environment. Choosing organic means opting for a solution that respects nature and biodiversity.

But that's not all. Organic stores tend to favor local production and producers and to favor short circuits as much as possible . Favoring the purchase and consumption of organic and seasonal vegetables means supporting a local economy on its own scale .

This is to avoid products designed for mass distribution and which have lost their virtues. This is for example the case of the tomato, whose season and production period in France are normally between the months of June and October. However, we find tomatoes all year round in our supermarkets. Even in winter , even though it is not a time of year when the climate is favorable for its cultivation. These bright red tomatoes that we still find at this time of year generally come from Spain or Morocco, which supply France in stock. In addition to being environmentally unfriendly, these out-of-season alternatives typically produce a bright red tomato that has little flavor and has lost much of its nutrients in transit. Offered at a derisory sale price, these tomatoes also help to encourage unbridled and low-quality stock production. Choosing an organic variety therefore means trying to protect yourself as much as possible from these excesses and these misdeeds.

Many articles share the different reasons to starteating organic and stop ingesting pesticides . For our health , out of respect for the seasons and the work of farmers , to participate in the preservation of biodiversity , to support a local economy ... these are all important arguments that should encourage us to direct ourselves as much as possible towards the consumption of seasonal products from organic farming. These different articles allow us to stay up-to-date and to keep us informed of the reasons for consuming organic and to help us find the necessary alternatives.

Thus, to circumvent the agro-food system and the alterations it produces and engenders, there are alternatives that it is possible for everyone to put in place on a daily basis . For example, it is possible to grow organic fruits, perennials, vegetables and edible flowers yourself from home.

To do this, you can get certified organic seeds and plant them in your gardens or in pots in your indoor vegetable patch .

Where to buy organic seeds?

Organic vegetable seeds indeed offer the major benefit of being untreated and therefore retaining their benefits . These unprocessed seeds will also allow you to taste the true flavors of fruits, vegetables or edible flowers, while benefiting from their nutrients.

To get organic seeds and grow your own vegetables at home in a pot and in your vegetable gardens, on your terraces or balconies, you can proceed in different ways.

vegetable cork pots First, you can go directly to a seed company to buy a stock of seeds from them. You can get in touch with a seed company during the markets to find out about the seeds he has and which he offers for sale and their price. The seed company oversees the selection , production and distribution of seeds for consumers.

In addition to the seed company, you can make a request to your market gardener to acquire your organic seeds for your vegetable gardens.

Another possible solution is to go directly to a farm that grows and sells certified organic vegetables. Some farms sometimes sell organic seeds that will allow you to grow your own vegetables. It's up to you to see if the farm near you has it in stock!

There are also associations that sell peasant seeds of old varieties . So you can contact them to find seeds for your pots.

If you want to benefit directly from a certain stock of organic, seasonal and quality vegetables without going through the stage of buying and sowing the seeds, it is possible by obtaining an organic vegetable plant. With a plant, the chosen variety will grow directly and easily in its pot.

There are different places of sale and different ways to buy organic vegetable seedlings. You can absolutely find your pots in independent shops , from an independent producer or in associations dedicated to these products for vegetable gardens.

Or, you can go to your market gardener to buy organic and quality plants accessible in a short circuit.

Other possibilities exist to allow you to have fruits, vegetables or aromatic plants and even organic edible flowers for your garden or your vegetable garden in apartment . You can go to a farm or to a garden with a producer who grows organic vegetables to buy your vegetable plants, your plant or aromatic and perennial herbs and integrate them into your indoor vegetable gardens or on your terraces or balconies .

You can also buy organic vegetable seeds or plants to grow in your garden at some garden centers. Different varieties are available: Cherry Tomato , peppers , orange etc. It's up to you to choose the variety that suits you and that will find its place in your pot!

Another solution within everyone's reach is to turn to associations or dedicated companies.

Thus, you can orient yourself towards different products developed by URBAN CUISINE to have your own organic and quality fruits, vegetables or aromatic and perennial plants, even at home and in your interior and for your vegetable gardens.

This is what the URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Mound allows. Indeed, our root ball offers the advantage of being already sown and of being enriched with nutrients , thus ensuring perfect taste and nutritional qualities for the plants. This Motte is also made in France from vegetable fibers and contains seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture" and of French origin . With this Motte, no more super heavy and bulky bags of potting soil!

La Motte de Culture will allow you to cultivate different varieties of red fruits or aromatic plants, but also of course quality organic vegetables.

No problem if you don't have a garden, no places on your balconies or on your terraces or if you don't have outdoor space. All you need is an accessible water source near your plant. Take advantage of the edge of your kitchen or the floor of your living room to grow your pots.

Indeed, the plugs that we have developed can be planted indoors or outdoors and require little maintenance . Planting is already ready, since the clods are already sown. You just have to pour water regularly to feed the bulbs of your future stock of vegetables! No need to ask yourself the question of the soil or the compost in which your plant will grow, everything has already been thought of to simplify the maintenance of your plants , provided that it is installed in an area offering sun and shade.

In addition to the clods of culture, URBAN CUISINE has designed cork pots to allow optimal growth of your fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants . Indeed, cork is a material of first choice since it is a powerful insulator which perfectly protects crops and is perfectly suited to the indoor vegetable garden.

Flowers, fruit, vegetables, aromatic herbs and perennials… it doesn't matter what type of plant you are growing. Cork is a material that protects your plants, even during milder seasons such as winter for example. This material protects the flowers from external factors and thus offers optimal conditions for their flowering. Thus, this Pot en Liège, made in France from cork oak harvested in France, makes it possible to grow plants without a bag of soil.

Throughout the year, and in every season, enjoy a new variety and bring color to your interior as well as to your dishes!

If you want to take advantage of a larger stock of organic vegetables in your home, you can opt for the URBAN CUISINE Window box .

Indeed, our Balconnière allows you to grow two plants of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants all year round outdoors.

This Balconnière , made in France , has been specially designed for small outdoor spaces. Made entirely of iron, and in a soft plain gray color, it can be installed on the edge of your balconies, your terraces or in an outdoor courtyard. It allows everyone to easily grow organic vegetable plants from home at any time and in any season!

Our sweet planter is made of iron to effectively withstand different temperatures. Our product allows you to grow two plants simultaneously, fruit, perennial, aromatic herb or vegetable. Larger than a pot, our planter allows you to quickly create a garden-like space . In an indoor or outdoor vegetable garden, it will allow you to enjoy a little greenery, even in town, in tall buildings and in climbing towers.

window box

Thus, once we understand the need to consume organic , local and seasonal , we can realize that many possibilities are available to us. Cultivating yourself is one of them and also offers the advantage of having a wide and often unsuspected choice. Indeed, more than roses, a rose or a touch of sweetness offered by a fruit for example, indoor vegetable gardens even allow you to grow your own organic vegetable plants. No more worrying about the quality of your plant or being afraid of running out of vegetables when we know where to get organic vegetable plants for our terraces, balconies and in our indoor vegetable gardens!

All these tips and suggestions have been given with the aim of helping you know where or what to turn to when buying organic vegetable plants. They also aim to prove that everyone can, on their own scale, act by themselves to choose healthy and environmentally friendly products while supporting our French producers and thus encouraging a local and sustainable economy, on a human scale.

For more opinions, advice, articles or for recipe ideas with your organic vegetables, do not hesitate to consult our site!

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