Potager en pots : quels légumes faire pousser ?

Vegetable garden in pots: which vegetables to grow?


For all city dwellers passionate about gardening and limited by the space they have, this article is for you! Indeed, you no longer need a large garden to grow quality fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs!

The vegetable garden is now available in many forms: indoor greenhouse, balcony planter , vertical vegetable garden... We now offer you the possibility of creating a potted vegetable garden , inside or outside!

Why make a vegetable garden in pots?

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Cultivating your own varieties has many advantages, especially for your health . Indeed, the products marketed in supermarkets are often without real taste or nutrients essential to the proper functioning of our body.

Enjoying your own crops allows you to enjoy above all healthy, fresh and quality products. They will make you rediscover the true flavor of freshly picked fruits and vegetables in all your dishes!
You will quickly benefit from a healthier and more balanced diet!

Having plants at home also has positive impacts on our psychological state. Indeed, the presence of plants in your interior will reduce your stress and increase your concentration at work!

With your own vegetable garden, you participate in reducing harmful activities for our planet and you are therefore committed to the preservation of our environment!
If you sow and harvest only the products you want and need for your recipes, you reduce food miles on the one hand and food waste on the other.
You also reduce waste related to the food industry which is mainly useless plastic packaging that is dangerous for the environment.

How to create a vegetable garden in pots?

cork jars Less bulky than a classic vegetable patch in a garden, the potted vegetable patch will be very practical for all city dwellers!

The potted vegetable garden itself comes in many forms ! Your vegetable garden can find its place on your terrace , on your balcony, or even a section of wall, a work plan, a shelf or even in planters... you have a whole field of possibilities to create a vegetable garden in pots according to the space you have in your home.

You will need few materials to easily create your vegetable garden . The most important thing will be to choose the style of pots you prefer: terracotta, glass, plastic, cork… Each type of pot fits in style for your indoor vegetable garden and you can easily find the one that suits you best.
Some kinds of pots have a different size and are more or less bulky and heavy... so you can also take these three criteria into consideration if you are still hesitant!

In addition to pots, you will obviously need potting soil and fertilizer to optimize the growth of your plantations. The seeds of the strains you want to grow will need nutrients over time. An organic fertilizer rich in nutrients will therefore be essential in the short and long term to guarantee the good growth of your plants.

At URBAN CUISINE, we offer cork pots with a sleek design. Light and compact, you can put them anywhere in your home! Each Cork Pot allows you to grow a plant of fruit, vegetables or aromatic herbs indoors . This plant comes in the form of a Cultivation Plug .

This is made up of a sufficient number of seeds to guarantee quality harvests and of nutrients and plant fibers to optimize the growth of the crop. So you won't need to add fertilizer. This product is therefore ideal for children, beginners in gardening or simply for those who have little time to devote to their vegetable garden!

How do I maintain my potted vegetable garden?

Seedlings and seedlings in pots have sun and water needs like a planting in a garden. However, special care is required for a container garden.

Regarding exposure to natural light, it will be very simple to ensure that each crop receives enough sunlight. Indeed, you can control this exposure to the sun by moving the pots easily when necessary. For your vegetable garden in winter , you can simply put your different pots on a window sill so that they can benefit from enough natural light.

Having your crops in pots also allows for much simpler and faster weeding since the cultivated area is smaller than that of a vegetable patch in a garden!

You will also be able to protect your plants more easily, especially in winter. If some of your pots are outdoors, on a balcony or terrace, you can quickly create a small canvas to imitate the role of a mulch or a winter veil.

Regarding watering , you will have to be attentive to the water needs of each of your plants. Indeed, growing varieties in pots restricts the space they have to draw water and nutrients from the soil. Plants dry out quite quickly in pots. Thus, a regular or even daily supply of water will be necessary and essential to guarantee the growth of the plants. In relation to the nutrients present in the soil, you will sometimes need to add fertilizer to optimize their growth.

What vegetables to plant?

bell pepper mini organic cork jar Not all varieties of plants can be sown and grown in pots. Indeed, in a pot, the plantation has less space . This is therefore less space for the development of the stems and leaves of the plants.
Thus, for certain varieties of vegetables, it will be necessary to favor pots with a depth of 30 cm so that the roots can develop properly. Invasive plant varieties will need to be sown in large pots.

If you choose to compose your vegetable garden in pots in height thanks to shelves, you can absolutely put the invasive plants on the ground and the smallest ones at the top so that the space is optimized.
If you have very little space for your vegetable garden, we therefore advise you to grow vegetable plants that have few roots or dwarf plants.

It's up to you to choose a style of vegetable garden and plants that will best match your living space!

Rest assured, some varieties of vegetables grow almost better when sown in pots or window boxes !
Here are the perfect vegetables for your container garden: tomatoes , green beans, eggplant, spinach, salads , cucumbers, peppers , radishes , carrots , zucchini, and some cabbage like kale. 

All these plants each have their water and sun needs . Thus, if you are growing several, we advise you to be very careful not to forget to water one of them and not to have them exposed to natural light... You can absolutely hold a small notebook with the needs of each plantation and follow the evolution of their growth until the first harvest!

We advise you to grow Cherry Tomatoes , Mini Peppers and Cayenne Pepper ! These varieties are minimally invasive and thus ideal for city dwellers who have very little space at home.

Each plant requires little maintenance : regular watering and exposure to the sun for at least a few hours a day. You can find our maintenance tips on our blog!
We recommend these varieties because they can be integrated into many different and varied recipes and they each bring a tasty taste to your dishes!

Afterwards, you can also grow fruits, aromatic herbs and fine herbs or even edible flowers to enjoy new flavors every day!

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