Kit plantes aromatiques intérieur

Indoor aromatic plants kit

Aromatic plants can bring taste and freshness to dishes and offer many health benefits . This is enough to make us want to have them often and easily at home to incorporate them into our recipes.

To do this, it is quite possible to grow your own aromatic plants, whether in the garden, outdoors and in the ground, or in your home, or even in your indoor vegetable garden . Indeed, a large number of varieties of aromatic plants are perfectly suited to growing in pots and the indoor vegetable garden.

Different solutions exist to make the cultivation of aromatic herbs accessible to everyone. To help you grow and maintain your aromatic plants, you can, for example , get an aromatic plant kit.

These kits can take different forms but are often already assembled to make the indoor vegetable garden adventure even easier, fun and accessible .

The advantages of the aromatic plant kit

The indoor aromatic plant kit has been designed to allow you to recreate a small corner of garden and culture , even in town and in the limited space of your apartment.

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The kits are a great alternative when you don't have a garden or your own outdoor space for growing in the ground. Thanks to the indoor kits, you can easily access the plants of your aromatic herbs and keep your pots close at hand. It will therefore be easier to ensure that they receive the water, sun or light necessary for their growth.
You will no longer have to worry about the climate or external factors and will be able to maintain some control to ensure that they are properly maintained. Kits are custom-made objects that take up little space and are easy to maintain. This ready-to-use cultivation system is perfectly suited to the city lifestyle and to people who are not particularly passionate about seeds or those who have little time to devote to the aromatic herbs of their indoor vegetable garden.
The aromatic plant kit is an interesting alternative for growing your own varieties of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers or organic aromatic herbs yourself. This design object is easily found, online or in stores, and it is simple to install and use . You don't have to be a great handyman to make it once we have received it on delivery or have purchased it. In addition, it is an object that can appear in different aspects depending on the model for which you opt, but some are particularly design and your kit could even become a real decorative object . It offers the advantage of being very aesthetic , it adapts perfectly to the design of its interior.

Do you think that the indoor aromatic plant kit is an interesting option for enjoying organic aromatic plants or many other varieties at home independently throughout the year and are you now wondering which one to turn to?
In reality, several answers are possible because there is not only one model and the answer depends partly on what you are looking for.

What varies depending on the model you choose may be the material of the kit, or the number of herb plants it allows you to grow at the same time. So it will be up to you and how many different varieties of herbs you want to grow at the same time and how much you are willing or able to spend on it.

Similarly, some offer a particularly developed system , or even are connected objects or autonomous models, which themselves carry out certain tasks relating to maintenance and necessary for the growth of aromatic herbs or organic vegetables. Indeed, some models equipped with an LED lamp and a water tank themselves provide the lighting and the supply of light and water necessary for the plants for the growth of the aromatic herbs that you are growing.

This type of system facilitates the growth of your plants by providing optimal conditions for your pots. It thus makes it possible to cultivate with ease and to benefit from harvests of aromatic herbs over the weeks without worrying about forgetting the watering of the pots and without being afraid of not having placed them enough in the light of the sun.

aromatic cooking kit Once the right kit has been adopted according to the opinions issued and according to your needs and desires, all you have to do is find the aromatic plants to put in it to grow them.

Which aromatic plants in an indoor vegetable garden kit?

As you will have understood, the cultivation of aromatic plants is very accessible and relatively simple indoors, especially if you get a planting kit to make your work easier and accompany you in the adventure of the urban vegetable garden . If this is indeed the case, you are now ready to have your own organic vegetables or aromatic herbs.

These aromatic plants offer the advantage of bringing flavor to your cooking and your dishes. Aromatic herbs need water and light but these plants actually require little maintenance and are therefore ideal for complete beginners or those who do not have much time. In addition, the varieties of organic aromatic plants that can be grown indoors are very numerous . You can grow dill, basil, cultivated coriander, parsley , tarragon, bay leaf, rosemary , sage, savory, thyme , chives and mint.

The number of varieties of aromatic plants to grow next to your flowers, or your organic fruits and vegetables is important. Everyone is free to choose those that suit them the most according to their tastes and desires. The type of system offered by the model of the kit makes growing your organic herbs easy and will allow you to benefit from them throughout the year. It is with this same desire to make growing indoors, in vegetable gardens or in kits accessible and easier, that URBAN CUISINE develops its products.

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We have indeed thought of a first product which is a model kit of aromatic plants in organic pots . Through this product, we want to allow everyone to easily grow aromatic plants such as mint , basil , parsley , chives , thyme , and coriander from home .
This planting kit is a perfect alternative to the classic vegetable garden and is an original and personalized gift for beginners or children. The kit includes three Cork Pots. These pots are made in France from cork oak and will allow you to create a small indoor garden with ease and to have access to organic herbs at home all year round.
We chose cork for our pot because it is an ecological and sustainable material that is both recyclable and biodegradable.
Cork is also a powerful insulator that provides ideal conditions for growing aromatic herbs . It is also a material that very well protects the plants and the different varieties from external factors such as extreme cold. Cork was therefore chosen to offer the best growing conditions for organic aromatic herbs.

Beyond all the practical qualities of this product, Le Pot en Liège also offers the advantage of being particularly aesthetic . The pot is light and refined, it really becomes a decorative object that goes with any design or any interior decoration.

But that's not all, if you have a space open to the outside, such as a balcony or terrace , you can take advantage of it by installing a window box.

URBAN CUISINE has indeed designed a window box for growing your organic fruits, vegetables, flowers and aromatic plants. Our Window box is specially designed to allow city dwellers to cultivate easily, without a bag of soil or additional compost, or seeds to plant, but thanks to an optimized and perfectly dosed growing medium.

It also has the advantage of being particularly aesthetic and design. Made in France and entirely in iron , our Balconnière can be installed on a balcony ledge, on a terrace or in an outdoor courtyard.

Particularly solid and resistant , it protects the herbs from the various climatic hazards.

Thus, Les Pots en Liège and the Balconnière offer the advantage of being able to be placed on the floor. These two products insulate against the cold and protect your varieties . They offer the advantage of requiring little maintenance, which makes them an easy-to-use kit and which allows you to benefit from herbs throughout the weeks.

Maintenance tips

To make the most of your Indoor Herbal Plant Kit, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis.

For all the varieties of herbs you grow, you will need to maintain a constant humidity of your substrate by ensuring regular watering.

Aromatic plants also need to be exposed to a minimum of natural light. Make sure each Cork Pot gets a few hours of direct sunlight every day . In winter, all you have to do is move your Cork Pots to a window sill.

In adulthood, aromatic herbs no longer have the same sun needs. It will be necessary to refer to the explanatory booklet to know the needs of each variety. For more information, do not hesitate to consult the URBAN CUISINE website where you can find all our maintenance advice for all the varieties.

Sprout Information

For all aromatic herbs, the first shoots appear between one week and ten days after the installation of the Indoor Kit.

You will be able to make your first harvests within a few weeks of the appearance of shoots.
Depending on the varieties, you can harvest for 3 to 5 months.

Use of organic aromatic plants

After harvesting your aromatic herbs, such as mint , parsley or basil, you can choose to consume them fresh by incorporating them directly into your recipe. In any case, this is what we advise you to do because we believe that it is fresh and barely harvested that aromatic herbs bring the most flavor.

Herbs enhance all your dishes and can be enjoyed without limit. Depending on your desires, you can also marry them with hot or cold dishes, based on vegetables or fruits, to accompany a cheese or meat platter, to enhance a jam or a soup... A large choice of possibilities is available to you and is now easily accessible thanks to the indoor aromatic plant kit! You are ready to grow and cook your own herbs!

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