Mini potager : comment réaliser un petit potager d'intérieur ?

Mini vegetable garden: how to make a small indoor vegetable garden?

  1. Why make a mini indoor vegetable garden?
  2. How to make a small indoor vegetable garden?
  3. Which varieties for my mini vegetable garden?

Do you live in town without a garden or balcony but dream of gardening and growing your own fruits , vegetables and aromatic herbs? It is possible today! URBAN CUISINE offers you the possibility of creating a mini indoor vegetable garden through 3 products, even if you have very little space!

Discover without further delay how to make a small vegetable garden!

Why make a mini indoor vegetable garden?

Growing your own fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs will have many health benefits!

Indeed, you will first and foremost have access to fresh food . Products marketed in supermarkets, even organic ones, have often lost their freshness and their initial taste even before reaching the shelves. These products therefore have a much lower nutrient content than products grown directly at home. It is important to remember that nutrients such as iron or magnesium are essential for the proper functioning of our body. Thanks to your cultures, you will also be able to consume healthy products since they will not have any treatment or GMOs, which is often the case for industrial products.

In addition to benefiting from a balanced and healthier diet , growing at home and having plants in your interior are sources of psychological benefits. Having plants at home can reduce stress and increase concentration !

Making your own indoor vegetable garden reveals an economic advantage that is important to consider. Indeed, if you grow your fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs, you will only consume what you want and need on a daily basis. In this way, you are helping to reduce food waste !

Finally, by creating your indoor vegetable garden, you are helping to preserve the environment . For one thing, having crops at home instantly reduces food miles to zero. Food products purchased in supermarkets have often traveled hundreds of kilometers to reach your kitchen! On the other hand, waste such as plastic packaging , harmful to the planet, will also become non-existent!

How to make a small indoor vegetable garden?

Space, time, dirt... Gardening indoors does not necessarily appear to be an obvious alternative for most city dwellers.

URBAN CUISINE has thought of them by creating three products allowing you to create one or more mini indoor vegetable gardens and thus simply cultivate fresh and quality products all year round!

You won't need dirt, potting soil, shovel or any other gardening tools. URBAN CUISINE has prepared everything for you!

Cultivation Clods

First of all, you can simply opt for Cultivation Clods that are already sown ! On the one hand, the Clods of Culture are made from nutrients and plant fibers to optimize the growth of crops. On the other hand, they contain a sufficient number of seeds of French origin and labeled "Organic Agriculture" to guarantee quality harvests. You can thus grow fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and also flowers!

Cultivation Clods

If you don't have pots dedicated to gardening or wooden containers, for example, you can still grow your Cultivation Clods! Indeed, you can now take your stock of jam jars and glass jars out of the back of your cupboards! Placed on a piece of furniture in your kitchen or hung on a wall, the Clods of Cultures put in jars bring a touch of originality to your interior.

To date, the URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clods allow you to grow aromatic herbs including Green Mint , Great Green Basil and Flat Parsley !

Cork Pots

If you want to bring an original and decorative touch to your kitchen, URBAN CUISINE offers cork pots with a simple and refined design.

The Cork Pots can be placed on the sill of a window in your kitchen or simply on your worktop.

Each Cork Pot allows you to have a plant of fruit, vegetable or aromatic herb.

URBAN CUISINE now offers you to grow organic spearmint in a pot , large green basil, Flat Parsley or Common Chives in your Cork Pot.

Each of its varieties will bring a fresh scent to your interior in addition to bringing flavor to each of your dishes.

The Balconniere

The third URBAN CUISINE product perfect for creating a mini indoor vegetable garden is the window box .

Made of durable metal, it brings an industrial touch to your interior while remaining discreet.

La Balconnière can be placed both outside and inside and will therefore be very suitable for city dwellers! It can be placed high on a piece of furniture, hung on a wall or even placed on the floor depending on the space you have!

La Balconnière allows you to simultaneously grow two plants of vegetables , fruits, or aromatic herbs all year round. Thanks to the sachets of clay balls and substrate, the growth of the chosen varieties is also favored!

Which varieties for my mini vegetable garden?

To create a small indoor vegetable garden, we advise you to mainly grow aromatic herb plants and small fruits and vegetables. You will be able to enjoy quality products without your plants taking up too much space!

Aromatic herbs

To embalm your interior with fresh scents and bring flavor to all your dishes, we recommend that you grow herbs!

Herbs are very simple to maintain , even for those who are just starting to garden. It is still recommended to learn about the properties of each variety. Indeed, they do not all require the same maintenance and each have their particularities. You will therefore have to pay attention to the need for water and sun for each of your plants. Excessive watering of one of your plants can quickly lead to rotting of the Motte!

There are many varieties of herbs: basil , thyme , coriander , chives , parsley … So many kinds to awaken your taste buds! Each type brings its own smell and flavor.

URBAN CUISINE offers you Cultivation Clods to grow Grand Vert Basil, Flat Parsley and Spearmint.

Small fruits and vegetables

To vary the pleasures, you can also choose to grow small fruits and vegetables such as radishes or baby carrots .

URBAN CUISINE offers you to grow Cherry Tomatoes , Mini Peppers or Cayenne Peppers in your Cork Pot or Balcony Box. These varieties are ideal for a mini vegetable garden . Simple to maintain, the plants take up little space and grow very well indoors!

In addition, these varieties are found in many recipes and can thus enhance most of your dishes!

All you have to do is choose how you want to build your mini vegetable garden: Cultivation plugs in jars, Cork pots or Balcony box ?

What varieties do you want to see growing and tasting on a daily basis: herbs, fruits, vegetables or even edible flowers?

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