Potager urbain : tendances et conseils

Urban vegetable garden: trends and tips


The urban vegetable garden invites itself on balconies, gardens, roofs or terraces, directly in town! And even in your houses and apartments!

Have you ever thought about growing organic, fresh and seasonal fruits, herbs and vegetables in a healthy way at your fingertips, directly in town and all year round?


Today, more and more of us are concerned about the quality of our food, and agriculture is becoming increasingly important in urban areas. Refreshing islands, green corridors, landscaped gardens and green spaces... There are many solutions for bringing nature back to very dense urban spaces where trees tend to be scarce!

According to a survey conducted in 2020 on the occasion of the municipal elections, nearly 80% of French people want the creation of green spaces to become a priority for local authorities.

The need to reconnect with nature is becoming more and more pressing, especially in the current context, where travel is limited and green areas are all the more inaccessible.

62% of millennials recognize that green space has had a major beneficial impact on their mental health during confinement.

In recent years, in cities with a limited space such as Paris, Toronto, New York or even Sydney, the rise of urban agriculture and urban vegetable gardens has made it possible to reveal multiple functions for biodiversity and plants in city, beyond its visual and ornamental aspect: anti-pollution, social but also nurturing!

If agriculture is taking up more and more space in the cities of the world, there are still few opportunities to access spaces for food crops, allowing not only to green urban spaces, but also to feed city dwellers.

Indeed, the public spaces are rather allocated to playgrounds or walks, the streets are lined with trees having above all a depolluting function and the gardens are flowered with non-edible products.

However, in the era of sustainable production, the rise of permaculture, shared roof terraces, gardens and fields where you come to pick vegetables yourself, more and more solutions exist to transform your mode of consumption and easily enjoy a growing space close to home. And it is sometimes much easier than you think to start growing a small urban vegetable garden , which will allow you to harvest a few plants of radishes , tomatoes , basil, mint, lettuces , strawberries, peppers , parsley , peppers , spinach and other fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs!

But not everyone has a garden, a balcony or enough outdoor space to grow organic fruits and vegetables closer to home. The indoor vegetable garden is then presented as a key alternative since it makes it possible to vegetate a space usefully, by allowing harvests directly in its place of life.

One way to reconnect with nature is to have better traceability of the products we consume.


If the notion of urban vegetable garden is taking on more and more meaning and leading to alternative solutions, it is primarily because city dwellers are more and more attentive to their consumption. Today, customers hold their phones in their hands while shopping in stores and scan products to learn about the composition of their purchases.

More and more city dwellers are also turning to alternative methods of consuming quality fruit and vegetables and now prefer home delivery of organic fruit and vegetables rather than buying products of lower quality or with somewhat traceability. blurry.

A behavior that becomes a reflex to make the right choices to avoid “ junk food ”. Eating healthier has therefore become a real concern. Avoiding food preparations filled with additives, and preferring instead fresh, natural and unprocessed products is becoming the new norm.

The issues of "junk food" and transparency are becoming more and more essential in the eyes of consumers who wish to be better informed and have access to more precise information on their purchases.


Once again, the urban vegetable garden then presents itself as an excellent alternative to current consumption circuits since it allows you to grow your own fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants and thus to have a clear vision of the traceability of your products, crops local therefore without pesticides, without transport and without packaging in the heart of the places of life!

But access to a roof terrace, a shared vegetable garden or an urban farm is not yet sufficiently democratized and in any case, is not possible to set up for everyone. It is then that indoor micro-gardening presents itself as an interesting alternative.

Although this solution does not allow self-sufficiency, it is an activity with multiple benefits !

Indeed, subject to an ever more intense pace of life, it is good to take time for yourself , enjoy the moment and return to the natural and essential things of life. What a feeling of satisfaction to grow vegetables or aromatic plants yourself in your vegetable garden and follow the growth of your plantations step by step in your kitchen ! Privileged fun, relaxing and rewarding moments to share with your friends or family.

And indoor gardening has never been so enjoyable! Indeed, more and more solutions are available to you to enjoy a few plants and pots of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs on your balcony , or simply on your kitchen counter. Wherever you will find the space to successfully make a vegetable garden on your terrace !

Solutions to make your urban vegetable garden

Among the easiest solutions to set up, there are pots made of natural materials : terracotta or cork for example, which you can easily accumulate in a small space to bring home a piece of nature.

Our Cork Pot , made in France from cork oak harvested in France, makes it easy to grow a plant of radishes , lettuce , mint , cherry tomatoes , peppers, peppers... all year round !

At URBAN CUISINE, we have also developed a real indoor garden , allowing you to enjoy large harvests all year round, in perfectly optimized growing conditions. Our Urban Vegetable Garden consists of a structure made of French wood from sustainably managed forests. The whole advantage of this solution is to make your life easier by integrating all the culture parameters optimized by an intelligent automatic system that regulates temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting and finally watering for you. It thus allows us to offer you the best conditions for the development and sustainable production of your self-maintained vegetable garden which will provide you with healthy, local and varied food throughout the seasons.

Clods of crops to create your urban vegetable garden

At URBAN CUISINE, we want above all that everyone can enjoy a growing space at home. Even those who don't have a green thumb!

This is why we have developed an optimized Cultivation Clod , replacing the traditional bag of potting soil and with low water requirements, so that everyone can easily create a real small urban vegetable garden directly at home! Our seeds, already included, are all labeled "Organic Agriculture" and of French origin , thus allowing everyone to benefit from quality harvests.

If you don't have a green thumb and want to get started in urban gardening , take the time to discover our advice sheets on all the varieties we offer and advice and articles for setting up your first vegetable garden in the ground or above ground. in order to quickly enjoy your first shoots and harvests 100% homemade !

Do you have a vast urban agriculture project and would like to talk to us about it? Write to us at pro@urbancuisine.io, we will be delighted to discuss with you and together find solutions to transform cities around the world, thanks to urban agriculture!

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