Quand et comment planter de la ciboulette en pot ?

When and how to plant chives in pots?

Chives information

Chives, or of its scientific name "Allium Schoenoprasum", is a Perennial -type aromatic grass, that is to say that you can cultivate it more than a year. This plant has a height of 20 to 40cm and its plantation is easy. You will easily recognize it by its light green foliage which takes the form of tufts. You can also appreciate its colorful flowers, which range from purple to pink depending on the type of variety.

When to plant chives?


The chives are cultivated all year round. However, Sowing is done during spring, March to April. Indoors, you can keep your young plants warm, under bell or mini-green. Your chives will have time to push before being put directly in the sun in May.
The leaves will push throughout the year and the flowers will appear in June and July, period of bloom.


Why plant the potted chives?

When you don't have a garden, planting the indoor chives is a great way to enjoy a plantation on all year. To do this, you can cultivate it in a house as in an apartment, on your balcony in a planter, or in your living room and kitchen in a pot or vegetable garden.
If you wish to cultivate several plants simultaneously, then it will be better to plant the chives in vegetable patch with other plants which require the same cultivation conditions.
If you want to cultivate chives only, the pot is then an excellent option that occupies little space and offers a wide choice of possibilities. Indeed, there are more than one type of pot, each with respective advantages. If you lack space, you can even opt for a hanging pot or planter.

Advantages and disadvantages

Your indoor plants will ask you for less thaninterview Because weeding the soil will be easier compared to that of the land of the garden. However, it will be necessary to water more frequently.
On the other hand, planting indoors will allow you to place your pot or your planter directly in the kitchen to be able to harvest according to your needs. Your plants will also be more protected from bad weather and cold.

How to plant chives in a pot?

Prepare sowing

Choice of seeds

The choice of seeds is important because this determines the growth capacities of your plant as well as the quality of your fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. Urban Cuisine recommends you seeds labeled "organic farming". This type of seeds is certified organic, is more resistant, and allows a long -term culture.

Choice of land

The chives needs a Light, well -drained soil by means of clay balls. Indeed, an excess water at the tank could rot the bulbs.


Choice of location

You should not exhibit your chives plantation directly in the sun after sowing. Young plants will therefore need good brightness but also a little shade.

With what varieties of plants cultivate chives?

Plant it with aromatic herbs that require the same culture conditions: sun and a soil that remains fresh. This is the case with coriander, of parsley, and tarragon.
You can also sow your chives foot near certain vegetables such as the carrot Because chives have the effect of repelling pests.


Sowing stages

1- Pour A mixture of soil and clay ball in your pot
2- Sow chives seeds by spacing them
3- Cover with a thin layer of soil
4- Sprinkle


Urban Cuisine has developed 3-in-1 culture clods including a breeding ground of excellent quality, nutrients dosed according to the needs of the variety and seeds of French origin and labeled "organic farming" in order to simplify your sowing and the 'maintenance of your plant. You can enjoy it in our cork pot, made in France, from oak-cork harvested in France.


Chives maintenance


At the start of your plantation, frequently water the chives. Once the foot has matured, you will have to water only when the earth is dry.

Noticed : Potch chives plantation will more often need to be watered than garden planting



It is recommended to mow the tufts between June and September So that the chives can regenerate its foliage.
Put the chives by cutting the stems where the floral buttons appear will also delay the rise in seeds This will allow you to harvest the leaves longer.

Harvest the potted chives

4 stages from harvest to conservation

1- Wait until the chives have reached a height of 15cm
2- With scissors, cut The base of chives at the base
3- To harvest the flowers, Cut the stems that have floral pimples
3- Keep the chives in the refrigerator, freezer, or dried, helping youConservation tips
4- Dry the flowers

Cultivate chives with Urban Cuisine products

We suggest that you maintain your interior garden with ease with our common chives jars and our crop clods. All our clods are made up of compact soil made of vegetable fibers that contain All the nutrients necessary for the growth of your plant. You can also diversify your harvest thanks to the Balcony and at Connected interior vegetable garden For simultaneously plant several varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs.

With the connected vegetable garden, you will no longer need to worry about the water and light needs of your plants since watering, humidity, ventilation, and brightness are automated.

Discover all our advice on the maintenance of your aromatic plants on the blog: "Fine grass garden kit: Tips and tricks", "How to create your aromatic vegetable garden?", "Chives maintenance" and many others.

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