Comment tailler la coriandre ?

How to prune coriander?

Cilantro Information

Coriander is the subject of mixed reviews, even debate, between admiration and rejection. However, it remains an aromatic herb widely used in cooking, both for its leaves and its seeds . This aromatic herb flavors curry, meat, and fish with its spicy and fresh flavor. It is also used in quantity in oriental cuisine : it delights all falafel and tajine lovers, and makes us discover the flavors of Algeria by flavoring a good Algerian soup.

4 reasons to grow coriander at home

1- For its nutritional benefits: coriander contains antioxidants that help slow cell aging. In addition, raw coriander leaves will provide you with a large amount of vitamin K which helps regulate blood clotting.

2- For its ease of cultivation: coriander grows quickly and well. For this, coriander must be grown in a sunny place and with suitable soil: well-drained and slightly calcareous. To start your culture, you will find the seeds easily on sale at a seed company, a farm, an association or a garden center.

3- Coriander will embellish your interior with its high size which gives it a unique style. Its flowers are also beautiful to look at. Its patterns are a source of inspiration and are often found on clothing: dresses, jeans, bags, and even suits.

4- To harvest coriander leaves and seeds directly from your home. Being green is more than a trend or a style, it's an ambition. Growing coriander at home is a way to avoid any transportation or intermediaries. This will reduce your carbon footprint while ensuring the quality of your aromatic herbs.

How to prune coriander?

Like rosemary and thyme, cilantro maintenance comes with regular pruning. Coriander is a plant that goes to seed very quickly. Pruning your coriander will thus delay flowering and therefore the arrival of seeds. Also, after flowering, the leaves are less good and less tender, pruning the coriander will therefore allow you to harvest the leaves for a longer time.

Guide to harvesting coriander

What object to have in hand?
To cut the cilantro, you will need a pair of scissors .

1- Before pruning the coriander, wait until the plant is at least 15 cm high .
2- Remove flower buds to delay seed set
3- Harvest the coriander by cutting the stems towards the base with scissors

How much to harvest?
You can harvest coriander leaves according to your needs. However, be careful not to cut more than a third of the plants so that the leaves can grow back.

Storing cilantro

How to store coriander leaves?

You can store cilantro for about a week in the refrigerator . After this time, they will begin to yellow. To keep the coriander leaves longer, it will then be necessary to freeze the leaves in a freezer bag, or with oil, or even with water. You can also dry the cilantro leaves so they don't spoil.

How to harvest and store seeds?

To sow coriander next season, you don't need to buy seeds. You can harvest the seeds of your crop very easily. To do this, wait until the leaves take on a black-brown tone, a sign that they will have dried. Cut your stems with pruning shears. If your stalks are very dry, the seeds should come off very easily.
To store your seeds, place them in paper envelopes or in a jar that you will put in a dark and airy place. You can also eat coriander seeds, whole or powdered. They can flavor your salads, curry, meat and vegetables.

Cilantro Care

Proper maintenance is necessary to grow cilantro for a long time. There are several ways to delay bolting: water the plant frequently, don't move your plants. Indeed, it is better to sow and harvest coriander in the same place. This aromatic plant does not like to be transplanted or moved, it could accelerate the arrival of seeds.

Cultivation of coriander with URBAN CUISINE

To grow coriander easily , URBAN CUISINE offers several items including the Cultivated Coriander product available online and in store. For an easy cultivation of coriander, you can purchase our Cultivated Coriander Cultivation Mound which contains the seeds already sown, all for a price of 6 euros.

You will also find ourcoriander in a cork pot with a natural style that will match any decor. For a more varied crop, you can also purchase the URBAN CUISINE Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden product which will allow you to grow 16 plants from our 20 varieties: Cultivated Coriander, Rosemary Officinal , Cayenne Pepper and many more.

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