Comment planter, semer et cultiver de la coriandre en pot ?

How to plant, sow and grow coriander in a pot?

If there is an aromatic herb that sows discord between those who have completely banned it from their diet and those who consume it daily, it is coriander. However, beyond the tastes and sensitivities, specific to each, coriander is interesting from many points of view. Simple to plant and easy to maintain, cilantro also offers many health benefits.

Rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and flavonoids, coriander therefore has powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antispasmodic actions. This aromatic plant even participates in slowing down the aging of cells thanks to its antioxidant properties.

Enough to convince the reluctant to integrate it into their diet and to have it easily at home and at hand. Indeed, the cultivation of what is also called “ Arabian parsley ” or “ Chinese parsley ”, coriander, an annual aromatic plant which is part of the Apiaceae family, is done very well in pots and in a vegetable patch. interior .

potted organic coriander

This plant, which is one of the aromatic herbs, can be planted, sown and grown in pots , from its interior, on its terrace , for a balcony vegetable garden , in a planter or in a container, as well as in a garden or in the ground.

How to plant and sow coriander in a pot?

Cilantro comes from a hardy variety that is actually easy to care for and fast growing. This aromatic plant is particularly adapted to our climate and it will be easy to plant and sow at home or in a vegetable garden in an apartment by following these few instructions.

  1. First of all, to plant, sow and grow coriander indoors, you have to find the right container , that is to say the right pot. The pots can be made of earth, clay or even clay, the important thing is that the soil in the pots is well drained and well ventilated to allow the good development of the coriander which will grow there. For this, it is advisable to pierce the bottom of the pot to facilitate the evacuation and evaporation of water. The soil required for cilantro is light , loose , humus-rich , crumbly and well-drained , as it should be for many aromatic plants and herbs .
  2. To find the right location for your pots, remember that coriander is a plant that needs sun to grow. However, you will have to be careful because too much heat will cause the coriander to rise to seeds too quickly. For exposure to the sun, it will therefore be necessary to find a location with a rather high temperature and sheltered from drafts.
  3. To grow cilantro yourself from your indoor vegetable garden, sowing remains the most suitable method. It will be necessary to obtain coriander seeds and seeds, and, once these have been purchased, you can start sowing. Sowing is carried out from the months of April and May, that is to say after the frosts. You can continue sowing until September for richer harvests and to have them in your garden longer during the year. Sowing in a pot requires about 3 or 4 seeds.
  4. To sow the seeds, they must be buried under 1 cm of soil or very fine compost.
  5. Therefore, using a sprayer, it will be necessary to humidify so as to have moist soil until emergence , that is to say about 15 days after sowing.
  6. Once all these operations have been carried out, it will be necessary to thin out when the plants have developed 4 to 5 leaves. To thin out your plants, you must remove a few leaves with a pair of scissors or by hand to promote the appearance of new leaves and strengthen those that have already appeared in the foliage as a whole. It should be remembered that the plants reach maturity about 2 months after sowing for coriander

How to grow and care for coriander in a pot?

Coriander is a plant that offers the advantage of requiring little maintenance . It will be very easy for you to grow it and keep it for a long time if you have a good substrate and good soil.
The most important thing in growing and caring for cilantro is watering . Pot culture requires specific and different water supplies from culture in the ground, outdoors or in a garden. In fact, you will have to water your pots regularly and take special care to provide the water required by your plants during hot summer days.

coriander pot basil Growing coriander in pots requires special attention to the substrate. It must indeed remain moist because it dries more quickly in pots than in the ground or in the garden. To maintain a good level of humidity and keep the soil fertile, it is a good idea to mulch lightly . It will then be necessary to create a layer of 4-5 cm to limit the evaporation of water and preserve the substrate.

For the proper maintenance of your coriander pot, it is also recommended to carry out regular weeding . This aromatic annual plant grows in a few months and easily reaches 60-80 cm in height. To preserve growth and perpetuate it, it's important to prune your cilantro . This will remove dead branches, air the plant and provide more light and space for the stems and roots as well as the heart of the plant.

Cilantro, grown and maintained as it should be, you can be sure to have harvests that are as rich as they are tasty! You can harvest your coriander by cutting the leaves as you go according to your needs and your desires, without removing all of them to leave some in the heart of the foliage.

How to harvest coriander in a pot?

  • You can harvest your coriander by cutting the leaves as you go according to your needs and desires. Harvesting begins about two months after sowing.
  • To carry out the harvest, it is recommended to pick the leaves of your aromatic herbs one by one , starting with the oldest leaves, rather than picking several stems at a time with scissors and risking pruning. too incisive in the foliage.
  • You can thenpreserve your cilantro leaves using two techniques: drying and freezing . Both of these methods will allow you to benefit from cilantro throughout the year. However, nothing has the taste of a fresh coriander just harvested!

As you will have understood, planting, sowing and growing coriander in pots is relatively simple and accessible. And it is to make this adventure and this planting even simpler, fun and enjoyable that URBAN CUISINE has developed two products to allow you to grow, even at home and without a garden , fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and aromatic plants.

Indeed, the ambition of URBAN CUISINE is to allow everyone to grow at home but even without a garden organic fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants throughout the year.

To make this more accessible and enjoyable, we have developed Organic Coriander Cultivation Clods.

Already sown, this coriander clod will not require you to buy additional seeds or compost, which is very heavy to carry home and very cumbersome. The root ball is indeed a small c ube of substrate made of plant fibers which contains all the nutrients necessary for the growth of plants. Iron, calcium and magnesium are present in the very substrate, and this, in optimized dosage and the seeds are all certified "Organic farming".

Les Mottes de Culture fits perfectly with the cork pots that we have developed. These Pots offer the advantage of being designed for indoor cultivation.

No balcony, no terrace, no problem. You can place your pot in the kitchen or in a room that benefits from good exposure to the sun and bring them yourselves from your home the quantity of water necessary for their growth.

URBAN CUISINE now allows you to add new herbs and aromatic plants , in addition to your fruits, vegetables or edible flowers and to bring flavor to your dishes thanks to organic coriander!

As you will have understood, our Cork Pot, made in France from harvested cork oak, allows you to grow an organic Cultivated Coriander plant, without soil or fertilizer, with seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture" and of origin French.

The leaves of Organic Cultivated Coriander bring a slightly aniseed taste to all your dishes and you can, thanks to cork pots and growing clods, have them in abundance in your plantation for lots of delicious recipes!
Our Cork Pot can then be reused with the root ball of your choice , for new crops of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs all year round! Discover all our other plants on our website and create your own from home and easily indoor vegetable garden!

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