Comment conserver de la menthe ?

How to store mint?

Cultivating mint at home is one of the best ways to flavor your dishes through the fresh taste of this aromatic plant. With your pot in your kitchen, you will no longer even need to move, you just have to harvest the sheets you want to use. However, it happens that the crops are important and the mint leaves will yellow if you do not keep them well.

Discover all the Urban Cuisine tips to keep mint well.

First step to keep the mint: harvest

How to harvest mint?

Once your mint will do more than 10cm, cut A rod above a knot with scissors or take the leaves by hand

Sort the stems and keep the best. Rinse them to remove the earth, then drain them in a colander. Finally, roll up a cloth around your mint leaves so that they can dry.


How much amount to harvest?

Harvest mint according to your needs.




Keep the mint

2 tips to keep the mint in the refrigerator

Method to keep the mint in the refrigerator for a week

- Mamp a paper towel with a little water

- Wrap it around your leaves mint

- Place everything in a freezing bag or in an airtight box that you will put in the vegetable trap of your refrigerator

- Renew absorbing paper every two days

Method to refrigerate for 5 days

- Tie up Your bouquet mint

- Put this bouquet in a glass of water

- Cover Mint with freezing bag or plastic film

- Last step: put everything in the refrigerator

 2 tips for freezing mint

There freezing is particularly suitable for preserving certain aromatic herbs such as mint, parsley, or the chive Because it allows them to be cool while keeping all their flavors.

In a freezing bag to freeze for two months

- Chop Mint

- Place the chopped mint in a freezing bag

- Note the date and name of the variety

- Put the bag in the freezer

In an ice cube tray

- Chop Mint

- Divide the chopped mint in a ice tray

- Fill out The holes with water

- Put everything in the freezer as you would with classic ice cubes

How to dry the mint?

The drying method has the advantage of a conservation on the long term. However, while freezing retains all the flavor of the mint, it can be reduced by drying. It remains an easy and practical method. You can then store your mint sheets in a glass jar.

How to dry the mint leaves in the open air?

1) Gather your mint stems bouquet

2) Tie up The bouquet with a string

3) Hang your bouquets mint in a cool, dry and dark place

4) After two weeks, detach your mint bouquets

6) Separate The leaves of the stem by hand to keep only the foliage

How to dry the mint leaves in the microwave?

1) Harvest and wash the mint leaves

2) Arrange them on a plate by spacing them

3) Place the plate 10 seconds in the microwave

4) Check that the sheets do not break, then add another 10 seconds if the leaves are not dried enough. You can renew This operation at maximum 3 times.


Dry the mint leaves in the oven


1) Spread mint leaves on a plate

2) Bake has low temperature for 5 to 15 minutes

You will have to be careful that the leaves do not burn.

How to dry mint flowers?

- During the flowering season, collect the mint stems that have flowers

- Hang the stems In an airy and sheltered place

Macerate the mint

Macerate the mint in oil

- Arrange the mint leaves in A glass bottle

- You can add an aromatic grass of your choice to combine the flavors

- Pour oil in the bottle

- Leave to macerate for at least 2 weeks


Infuse mint leaves in drink


Infuse mint to make a mint syrup




-30g of leaves

- 30cl of water

- 300g of sugar





1) Pour the ingredients into a saucepan

2) bring to a boil then Leave to infuse for 20 minutes

3) Filter the preparation

4) Keep the syrup in the container of your choice


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