Where can I find Mini Peppers?

Description of the Mini Pepper

The Mini Pepper is a variety of sweet peppers of the Capsicum annum species with very large fruits.
There are several varieties of peppers: Mini Bell, Doux de Valence, or Top Girl sweet peppers and there are also several colors for the same variety. Red peppers are sweeter while green peppers are more sour, which makes them closer to their cousin: the chili pepper.

Mini Peppers are very popular, as much for their flavors as for their nutritional benefits: vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. This fruit is used in many recipes that you can find on the "recipe" tab of URBAN CUISINE: Mini Peppers Stuffed with Fresh Goat Cheese , Mini Pepper Pesto , Savory Cherry Tomato Mozzarella Tart and many more. Its success in the kitchen is also explained by the ease of cultivation of the Mini Pepper, ideal for indoor planting .

Consume local with its own culture of Mini Peppers

The best way to get fruits and vegetables is to grow them at home. You will therefore not need to travel and you will be assured of the quality of your organic plantations.

This type of culture is suitable both in the garden and indoors. There are many alternatives: indoor vegetable garden , pots, planters.

Where to find its seeds of mini peppers?

You can find seeds from a seed company, by going to a farm, by asking associations that sell seeds of different varieties or directly online by buying mini pepper seeds .

Also discover our 3-in-1 Cultivation Mound, designed to facilitate your gardening experience: professional compacted soil, nutrients adapted to the growth of the Mini Pepper, from germination to fruiting and seeds of French origin and labeled "Organic Farming".

The 5 steps to consume with your own culture of Mini Peppers

1- Prepare the seedling :

  • What kind of seeds?
We recommend French seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture"
  • What land?
Mix potting soil and clay pebbles
  • What location?

The Mini Pepper needs good exposure to the sun

2- Moisten the soil if the soil is dry

3- Sow the seeds of Mini Peppers by spacing them out

4- Cover with a layer of potting soil

5- Water

Note : for the location, you can associate the cultivation of the Mini Pepper with several varieties of plants and flowers that require the same growing conditions.

Planting in the garden

The Mini Poivron can be sown under cover: from January to March. It will then have to be transplanted in spring or summer. For the plants to grow, the pepper will need warm soil, lots of sun , and nutrient- rich soil such as for planting tomatoes .

For maintenance, all you need to do is water the plants regularly.

Description of the harvest and storage

Seeds will germinate in 5-10 days and harvest in 8-10 weeks . Eat the fruit fresh, it will be better than if you keep it in the fridge. When consuming the fruit, remember to collect the seeds of the Mini Pepper that you will find when opening the fruit. They will then grow very easily. However, this is only possible if you have chosen organic seeds.

Order your mini peppers with URBAN CUISINE

Easy to use organic products

Grow your Mini Peppers with ease thanks to our Organic Cultivation Clods. It is an all-in-one product: the seeds are already sown , the soil is compact and it is made up of plant fibers that contain all the nutrients your plants need to grow: magnesium, iron and calcium.

You can also cultivate your indoor garden with the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden ! This product will allow you to simultaneously grow 16 plants among the 20 organic varieties available: Organic Mini Pepper, Cayenne Pepper , Cultivated Coriander and many more. With the Connected Vegetable Garden, you won't have to worry anymore: watering, lighting, ventilation and humidity are automated . The product will be delivered to you with the organic Cultivation Clods that you can recharge monthly thanks to the subscription .

Delivery of mini peppers:

Each URBAN CUISINE product is organic and recyclable. In order to protect the environment, the delivery is carbon neutral and your product will arrive quickly after purchase. In addition, URBAN CUISINE accompanies you throughout with opinions and advice on the varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants on the blog: " Balcony vegetable garden: advice for a successful vegetable garden ", " Where to buy organic vegetable plants ? ", " Mini Pepper: our maintenance tips and many more ".

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