Semis de la Mâche à Grosses Graines

Sowing large-seeded lamb's lettuce

How to sow Large Seeded Lamb's Lettuce?

Why sow Organic Large Seed Lamb's Mash?

Lamb's lettuce is an ideal vegetable for gardening with ease and enjoying a quick harvest . Indeed, this vegetable requires little maintenance and grows quickly. Harvesting can be done several times a year , even in cold weather. Lamb's lettuce is also nicknamed "winter salad" because it can be grown both during spring like tomatoes , beans and peas and in autumn or winter like cabbage, lettuce and radishes . This ability to grow for several seasons and to withstand cold and humidity makes it particularly suitable for cultivation in France. In addition, like other vegetables, it provides multiple nutritional benefits: vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, and iron. Lamb's lettuce is very popular in the kitchen, served as an accompaniment to meals, in salads like cabbage, or in soups. Enjoy delicious meals in any season thanks to URBAN CUISINE recipes with winter varieties: Salad of prawns & lamb's lettuce or the mousse of round radishes & beetroot ; or summer varieties: Mini Peppers stuffed with ground beef or Gazpacho with Cherry Tomato .
Sowing lamb's lettuce at home will allow you to benefit from an organic culture with ease and enjoy delicious meals!

Preparing for sowing: type of seed and location

Which seed to choose?

The choice of seeds is particularly important because it will influence the growth of the bulbs and affect the nutritional intake of your plants. To enjoy all the flavor of your vegetable varieties while being sure of the quality of your product, URBAN CUISINE recommends seeds with the "Organic Farming" label . This label is a certification that the seed is organic and has not undergone any harmful chemical treatment. In addition, compared to other varieties of seeds, organic seeds are more resistant, including to pests.

The choice of land

Like the other salads: red or green lettuce, chicory; Lamb's lettuce plants need moist soil . Indeed, unlike tomatoes and peas, lamb’s lettuce fears heat! If you grow it outdoors, you will therefore need to find a shady corner of your garden, balcony or terrace. You can place your seeds near plants and flowers that require the same requirements: chicory or rosebush. Lamb's lettuce is not a complicated type of variety, it does not require tilled soil or good weather. If you think the soil is too poor, no need for fertilizer, you can use manure or compost.

La Mâche: from sowing to harvesting

Description of sowing and maintenance

La Mâche is a variety of plants that is very easy to grow and grows quickly. In addition, the chews will add a natural and elegant touch to your home. Indeed, during the flowering period, the pretty white flowers of this plant will do wonders in your garden as well as in your interior: in a vegetable patch, planter or pot. Sowing the seeds of the vegetable is quite simple because it does not require very worked soil. However, you will have to choose your seeds carefully.
The maintenance of the vegetable is very easy, it is enough to water frequently to keep a moist soil .

Description of planting in the garden

Once you have chosen a spot in your garden in the shade to avoid high heat, you can move on to sowing lamb's lettuce. It can be grown almost anywhere and near various types of varieties: cabbage or any other plant whose bulbs need good humidity. Just work the surface of the soil , without going too deep, lamb's lettuce needs firm ground. Prepare the furrows respecting a space of 20cm, then you can sow the seeds. Once the seeds have been sown, you can lightly cover the seeds with refined soil, tamp the soil with the rake, then water.

Description of indoor planting

You don't need a garden to grow your organic fruits and vegetables! You can sow lamb's lettuce as well as other plants in balcony, balcony or terrace or in vegetable garden and pots for your interior. To do this, if you do not have the URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clod product, you will first need to acquire a stock of potting soil for the vegetable garden and tamp it down in your vegetable garden, in your pots, or in your window box. Once this step is done, it's time to sow the seeds , then tamp again. Cover the seedling with a tarp to maintain humidity, then water .

Description of the harvest and storage

In spring, you will see pretty flowers appear in your vegetable patch, pot, window box or garden. However, it will be necessary to harvest the green leaves before the appearance of the flowers otherwise the foliage will become bitter. Seed germination will take place two weeks after sowing. For the harvest , you will have to wait 8 weeks after planting the vegetable. You can then pick the leaves as needed.

Some advice: cut the leaves above the root to have a second harvest. You can then keep the leaves for a few days in the refrigerator.

Note: lamb's lettuce is a biennial plant, that is to say that its entire cycle, from the germination of seeds to the production of other seeds, including flowering, takes place in one year. However, it remains as resistant as perennials. Once the cycle is over, you can harvest the seeds , formed after flowering, and save them for the next sowing.

Grow lamb's lettuce indoors with URBAN CUISINE

Opt for the indoor garden with the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden ! You will be able to grow 16 plants among the 20 organic varieties available: Round Radish, Green Mint, Cayenne Pepper. With this product, you will no longer need to make any effort since watering, lighting, ventilation and humidity are automated in order to provide the best growing conditions for all your fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs. . For even more ease and flavor, the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden is equipped with Organic Cultivation Clods . These already include all the nutrients necessary for the growth of your plants: magnesium, iron and calcium and you will therefore not need additional fertilizer. So that you can save time, the sowing has already been done by the URBAN CUISINE team. We have also provided subscription packs upon purchase of the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden product so that you are never out of stock.

You can also grow your potted plants with the URBAN CUISINE Cork Pots which also come with the Clods.
Finally, you can also grow two different varieties of plants thanks to the URBAN CUISINE window box . Each product is organic and Made in France . URBAN CUISINE accompanies you with opinions, advice and descriptions of the varieties of fruits, vegetables and aromatic plants on the blog .

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