Kit jardin potager appartement

Apartment vegetable garden kit

  1. The advantages of the kit
  2. The different types of kits
  3. Tips and tricks for making your kit
  4. Creating a vegetable garden in an apartment: very simple with URBAN CUISINE
  5. Maintenance tips

Have you always dreamed of a garden or a vegetable patch but you live in town? Would you like to taste fresh, quality aromatic herbs and vegetables directly at home? This is possible with a garden and vegetable garden kit for apartments , which will allow you to grow your own plants both indoors and outdoors. The kits can take different forms but are often already assembled in order to make the maintenance of your indoor vegetable garden more accessible.

The advantages of the kit

This is the ideal solution for creating a small corner of garden and indoor cultivation , even in the city and in a limited space of your apartment.

Having a vegetable garden in your house allows you to grow plants, organic vegetables or aromatic herbs such as basil and parsley for example. They will then allow you to prepare delicious dishes at low prices . In addition to growing plants, the vegetable garden simply allows you to benefit from a green space at home . The indoor garden or vegetable garden thus contributes to a transition of cities towards a more ecological system that respects the environment.


cork jar kit

The advantage of the kit is that it is a ready-to-use cultivation system that is very easy to use. For your vegetable garden or indoor garden, you just need to find a place in your home. The vegetable patch or garden can be installed in any room – whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in a bedroom – but also outdoors. You can transform your balcony into a garden! Thanks to the kit, everything will be ready quickly and without difficulty. So don't worry if you're not a gardener and don't have a green thumb! So even if your city lifestyle means you only have a short time to devote to growing your herbs and vegetables, the results will be amazing ! Do you think that the vegetable garden or indoor garden kit for apartments is the ideal solution to benefit from organic aromatic plants directly at home and at an unbeatable price/quality ratio? So all that remains is to choose what type of vegetable garden or garden you want to install. There are indeed several designs and materials (wood, concrete, wicker etc.).

The different existing kits

The types of vegetable beds can differ depending on the design and the material used. Some are made of wood, others of iron. There are also vegetable gardens offering a particularly developed system , which itself takes care of certain tasks necessary for the growth of herbs and plants. Indeed, some models - called "connected vegetable garden" or "intelligent vegetable garden" - are equipped with an LED lamp and a water tank and therefore automatically ensure the growth of aromatic herbs and plants . However, you cannot put any type of seed in “connected” vegetable gardens. On the contrary, you must buy a specific seed refill , compatible with this type of vegetable garden. It is indeed necessary for this type of vegetable garden to obtain refill capsules in store or by delivery.

Another type of original vegetable garden is the vertical vegetable garden . It is – as its name suggests – a vegetable garden in which the plants are placed high up. This makes your small garden more compact and allows it to be placed indoors as well as outdoors , if you are lucky enough to have a balcony for example. After choosing the place of your vegetable garden, all you have to do is fill it with soil and sow the seeds. All aromatic herbs can grow in a vertical vegetable garden as well as fruits and vegetables. However, for fruits and vegetables , it will be necessary to install them at the top of the structure in order to leave them enough space in height and thus ensure that they have enough water and light, necessary for their growth. We are of the opinion that it is preferable to choose the place of your vegetable garden carefully before starting the cultivation of the plants since the vertical vegetable garden will be very difficult to move afterwards.

Whichever model you opt for, the important thing is always to ensure that the ideal conditions for the growth of the plant are met – namely a sufficient amount of water and light.

The type of vegetable garden and therefore the shape that your indoor garden will take also differs depending on the place you choose to install it . Many possibilities are open to you: you can place your vegetable garden on a window sill, on a balcony or in the kitchen.

For aromatic herbs, it can be practical to place them in the kitchen , within easy reach . So, as soon as you need, for example, basil or parsley for the sauce you are preparing, you just have to harvest it directly next to it, even while you are cooking.

Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, can – if the season allows it – be placed on your balcony since their cultivation is generally longer and they will in any case require more preparation time for your dishes.

When growing a plant outdoors, it is important to ensure that it is protected from the vagaries of the weather – too extreme temperatures as well as too much or too little water intake hinder the growth of the plant. In order to avoid any damage to the plants, it is advisable to obtain solid and rigid pots.

Indoors , on the contrary, the elements that can endanger the maintenance and growth of the plant are, among other things, the lack of natural light - especially when you live in the city and there is a vis-à-vis with another house opposite. We can then possibly expose them to artificial light , available in store or by delivery. But beware, you will need a grow light specifically designed for growing plants.

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Tips and tricks for making your kit

First of all, you have to choose the aromatic herbs and vegetables you want to grow in your indoor vegetable garden. To do this, you can be inspired by recipes promising and original cuisine such as savory basil cake , parsley velouté or even fried parsley . All the aromatic herbs and organic vegetables will enrich your dishes . They also give them a touch of personality , since it is you who ensure the germination of the seeds as well as the growth and maintenance of the plants.


If you want to make your own kit , you will need soil, seeds, a planter or a pot – or several pots if you want to grow several plants. It is possible to buy these products in store or by delivery. You can use wood to build the vegetable garden structure . You will then lay out the soil and the seeds. However, be careful when you plan to put several aromatic herbs or vegetables in the same pot, for example: they must have the same water and nutrient needs.

The cultivation of aromatic herbs is done indoors and therefore at any time of the year. Before sowing the seeds of fruits and vegetables, on the contrary, it will often be necessary to consult a planting calendar . In both cases, it is essential to always ensure that the plants have enough water and light to ensure their growth.

Creating a vegetable garden in an apartment: even easier with URBAN CUISINE

If for lack of time or lack of desire, you do not want to build your kit yourself, you can opt for an already assembled kit.

This desire to allow everyone to grow quality fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and plants is one of the founding values ​​of URBAN CUISINE. Its wide range of products allows everyone to find a type of product that will make them happy, without them being an expert in indoor vegetable gardens.

In particular, URBAN CUISINE offers a very clever type of product: with the Sod , you will no longer need a bag of soil or a bag of seeds. It is a cube of soil already containing 100% organic seeds and optimized nutrients according to the varieties. We offer a wide variety of clumps ranging from basil and parsley to mini peppers . The clods are to be placed in a planter or in a pot, for example in one of our Cork Pots . Our cork oak pots are made from cork harvested in France and allow you to grow organic fruits, vegetables or aromatic herbs all year round on a worktop or in the kitchen. It is a very accessible way to create a small garden or indoor vegetable patch.


If you want to grow aromatic herbs, vegetables or organic fruit outdoors , the Balconnière is, in our opinion, more suitable. It will allow you to grow two plants simultaneously and can be placed for example on your balcony. Just like our Cork Pot, our Balconnière is specially designed to allow city dwellers to cultivate easily, without a bag of soil or additional compost, or seeds to plant, but thanks to an optimized and perfectly dosed growing medium. Being entirely made of iron , our window box is particularly solid and therefore protects plants and herbs from various climatic and lighting hazards.

Respectful of the environment, our products are part of a zero-waste approach. Our Cork Pots and our Balconnière can indeed be reused : all you have to do is refill with Clods of Culture. This refill must also be done as soon as the harvest is completed , in order to ensure the nutritive qualities of the soil and promote the growth of the plant . In order to facilitate the recharging operation and to avoid having to return to the store or pay for another delivery, you can opt directly for the Boxes that we offer. This is an indoor vegetable garden kit including a Cork Pot and two Cultivation Clods. In addition to the Cultivation Clod to be placed in the Cork Pot, there is therefore a refill Cultivation Clod. This box will allow you to buy two Clods of Culture and a pot at a lower price than during an independent purchase.

Beyond the taste quality of the aromatic herbs and vegetables that you can taste, our products are very designer . Wherever you decide to place the pots – in the kitchen or on the balcony for example – they are a pleasant and aesthetic decoration for your home and go well with any type of design.

If you want to have a vegetable garden or indoor garden that saves more space, you can also opt for another type of product. Indeed, the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden , made of French wood, allows you to grow twenty plants of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs simultaneously. All cultivation parameters are optimized to allow everyone, even those who are not particularly passionate about plants, to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables directly at home. A water tank and a led lamp are integrated; watering, temperature and lighting are therefore automated and therefore ensure optimal growth conditions for all plants, during all growth phases . As it is integrated into a piece of furniture, this type of vegetable garden saves a lot of space in the house and can therefore be hidden inside the piece of furniture if you do not want to see the plants all the time. All our products are available in store or by delivery.

Choosing URBAN CUISINE means consuming fresh vegetables and aromatic herbs, pesticide-free, transport-free and packaging-free. These are products with perfect traceability and seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture" and of French origin. By consuming an URBAN CUISINE product, you support a brand that defends ecological values. Our dream is to transform cities through urban agriculture, to see urban vegetable gardens in public places as well as indoors, in a house or apartment.

Maintenance tips

After setting up your vegetable garden or urban garden, it will always be necessary to ensure that the pots of aromatic herbs and vegetables have enough water and light to ensure the growth of the plants. Aromatic herbs and vegetables must indeed be exposed to a minimum of natural light. Make sure that each Cork Pot herb and other product enjoys direct sunlight for a few hours a day.


organic mint jar recipes The vegetable garden or indoor garden allows the cultivation of several aromatic herbs and vegetables, according to your desires. However, the maintenance advice varies according to the types of aromatic herbs and vegetables found in your vegetable garden, the aim being to always promote their growth.

Let's take the example of basil : it requires significant exposure to the sun - at least 6 hours a day - since natural light is essential for its growth. Of course, the best place to get natural light is near a window or on your balcony . Watering must also be done regularly because the water needs of basil are very important . To ensure the best growing conditions for basil, the pot in which you grow this aromatic herb should be filled with nutrient-rich soil . Care must be taken that the soil is particularly thick. Don't forget that you can opt for our Basil Culture Mound , which you can place in one of our Cork Pots to create a small corner of an indoor garden in your apartment. You should see your basil seeds germinate about 5-10 days later. The time it takes to germinate will depend on the amount of natural light, the temperature and the amount of water the seeds have received. To optimize the growth of basil, it is therefore advisable to water the basil plant as soon as the soil is dry . In order to guarantee a sufficient supply of water , water the basil about twice a week. When watering, be careful to aim directly at the soil to allow the roots to absorb the water directly. Harvest basil leaves before they begin to bloom. You can then taste this excellent organic aromatic herb and enhance your delicious dishes.

When the plants in your indoor vegetable garden are not exposed to enough artificial light, you can also get artificial light , available in store or by delivery. You will need a grow light specifically designed for this purpose . The stronger the light from the lamp, the closer the lamp will need to be to the plant.

When growing multiple herbs in a single pot, be sure to air-breathe them when they are at about two pairs of leaves. For this, it is generally necessary to space the plants at least 15 cm apart in order to leave them the space necessary for their growth. To move the seedlings, you will have to uproot one very carefully and decide to replant it further in the pot or in another pot when there is no space.

It is also advisable to organize the cultivation of your plants according to the seasons. Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely possible to grow fruits and vegetables in the winter . You can thus harvest in January as in February broccoli and spinach. There is something for everyone at any time of the year! To get more information about the different varieties of plants and their season, you can consult our calendar of seasons .

In general, the first shoots of aromatic herbs appear between a week and ten days after the installation of the indoor vegetable garden kit. The first harvests can be made within a few weeks of the appearance of shoots.

After harvesting your aromatic herbs and vegetables such as parsley and basil, you can enjoy them fresh or cooked . In addition to intensifying and varying the taste of your dishes , they offer many health benefits .

If you have other advice or opinions on the vegetable garden and indoor garden, do not hesitate to share them on our social networks !

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