Comment planter et cultiver des herbes aromatiques en appartement ?

How to plant and grow aromatic herbs in an apartment?

Aromatic herbs are plants that we use daily to add flavor to our dishes . Indeed the aromas that they give off or that their leaves , fresh or dried, give off make it possible to flavor and enhance the taste of many culinary preparations.

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Aromatic herbs are also used for medicinal purposes , or as essential oils, for the benefits they produce on our health . The reasons to make us want to cultivate aromatic herbs are as numerous as they are diverse!

And aromatic herbs are all the more interesting and important because they are also very easy to grow and very suitable for growing in pots and indoor vegetable gardens .

It is indeed quite possible, and even in reality very simple, to grow your own aromatic herbs yourself in an apartment!

Which aromatic herbs to grow in an apartment?

You don't have a garden? No problem ! Aromatic herbs are varieties that are very suitable for the vegetable garden and for growing indoors, even if you only have a little space in your house.

You can very well grow your plants in planters or in pots placed in your apartment.

There are many varieties of aromatic herbs that can be grown in indoor vegetable gardens. Here is the list of aromatic herbs that you can have in your apartment:

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All of the herbs on this list can be grown indoors and are suitable for container and indoor vegetable gardens . However, each aromatic plant has its specificities and has its own water needs and requires exposure to the sun . So that your plants benefit from optimal conditions, soil, water, sun, and shade that each of them needs, we advise you to keep a notebook listing the requirements of each of your varieties so that grow best in your indoor vegetable garden and flourish in your apartment!

Growing herbs indoors

The first question you probably ask yourself when growing indoors is that of the container. The container that seems at first glance to be best suited to the interior spaces of our apartments is the pot. The pot you choose for your plants can be plastic, clay, terracotta, etc.

All these materials respond well to the different requirements that we may have to grow best in an apartment . You will be able to opt for the pot of your choice according to your desires, your budget and your preferences. However, it is still important that your pots have holes in the bottom. This allows the soil to be aerated, to provide more space for the roots and to facilitate the evacuation of water.

The question of the container being resolved, it is now a question of trying to know where to place your pots in your apartment. In truth, you can place them in different places in your interior.

You can very well make a vegetable garden on your balcony , or a vegetable garden on your terrace . You can also place your pots in your kitchen if you don't have a balcony or terrace. Indeed, the kitchen is generally a spacious room, well exposed and well lit by sunlight.

Many locations are therefore possible. The most important thing is that your herb plant benefits from good exposure to the sun or light and that the place adopted is well ventilated.

Aromatic herbs need light , so ideally you should be able to find a location that allows them to benefit from around 6 to 8 hours of sun per day depending on the variety. However, it is useful to remember that the needs differ and are specific to each plant and aromatic herb . For example, varieties such as parsley, rosemary and bay leaf like high exposure and need lots of sun. Unlike varieties of aromatic plants such as dill, basil, chives, coriander , tarragon or mint do not appreciate direct exposure to the sun. They must be placed in a bright place but not in direct sunlight so as not to dry out their soil and their leaves. Other aromatic plants, such as chervil for example, even prefer shade. It is therefore important to know the needs of the varieties of aromatic plants, fruits and vegetables and edible flowers that are grown.

The methods of cultivation of the herbs that you grow are to be known even before having carried out the sowing. This will make it possible to respond in good and due form to the needs of the aromatic herbs that we decide to sow so that they can develop in the best conditions. To sow your herb varieties, you can purchase seeds and place them yourself in your pots. Once again, sowing times and periods are specific to each variety and therefore also need to be known and mastered.

So you can buy seeds and potting soil and do the sowing yourself. The soil must also be adapted to the seeds of the organic herbs that you decide to sow. You can also use a different type of soil depending on your preferences and aspirations. For example, you can opt for a universal potting soil, a special potting soil for aromatic plants or a nutrient-optimized potting soil.

If you want an even more simplified culture, you can also buy seedlings with seeds already sown.

Whether you have sown the seeds yourself or whether you have purchased plants in a ready-to-use kit, you will in any case need to water your herbs. The soil of your plants must maintain a good level of humidity. It will therefore be necessary to water as soon as the soil is dry.

Once all these actions have been carried out and your plant has been properly developed and maintained, you are ready to harvest your varieties of organic herbs! To harvest your aromatic plants, you must start by picking the tall leaves. The best time to perform this operation is during flowering . Do not harvest all the leaves at once, this could weaken the plant. It will therefore be necessary to leave a few leaves during your harvest to allow the plants to thicken and become more vigorous.

Once the harvest is complete, you can enhance the taste of all your recipes with your tasty organic aromatic herbs. It is indeed fresh that the aromatics are the best. The plants you grow in your apartment will allow you to discover new tastes with ease and throughout the year!

This is what URBAN CUISINE stands for and what we want to make possible for everyone through the products we develop. We want everyone to be able to grow their own organic fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs , even without a lot of space at home or in their apartment.

To allow everyone to have an easy and pleasant gardening experience, we have developed Cultivation Clods . These Cultivation Clods, with seeds already sown, will allow you to grow organic aromatic plants such as parsley , thyme , coriander , chives ... but also many other varieties of organic fruits, vegetables and edible flowers.

These clods have the advantage of being made in France from vegetable fibres . All the nutrients are already present in the root ball in an optimized quantity to promote indoor growing, at home or in an apartment.

Your plants will get the iron, calcium, magnesium they need in adequate amounts.

Thanks to these Clods, cultivating will become synonymous with simplicity and you will be able to get rid of the bags of potting soil for good, which you have to buy in the store and hope for each sowing that it is not unavailable. La Motte is, in fact, already sown . So no need for that heavy supper potting soil bag that takes up a huge amount of space in the cupboards of your house or apartment!

Clods of Culture go hand in hand with our other products. You can indeed very well place your Clods in the URBAN CUISINE Cork Pots . These Pots allow you to easily cultivate aromatic herbs in your apartment garden , they are also specially designed for indoors! 

Indeed, cork is a material chosen for its impermeability and for its watertightness . Your Pots are therefore perfectly adapted to the constraints of indoor cultivation, in your apartment or at home. Accommodations in which they will also take up very little space. They will allow you to benefit from your own type of aromatic herb kit , or many other varieties of edible flowers or organic fruits and vegetables of your choice!

With Growing Clods and Cork Pots, you'll find growing indoors has never been so fun and easy . This planting kit will allow you to benefit from your own aromatic herbs in an apartment and very easily!

All you have to do is use it in all your dishes and savor your best recipes with your own aromatic herbs!

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