Un potager de cuisine ? C'est possible avec URBAN CUISINE !

A kitchen garden? It's possible with URBAN CUISINE!


Would you like to create a kitchen garden but you don't know how to go about it? Thanks to the URBAN CUISINE range of products, nothing could be easier!

URBAN CUISINE seeks to democratize urban agriculture that is simple and accessible to all. While you don't have enough of a garden for an outdoor vegetable garden or you simply prefer to have all of your ingredients close at hand, it is now possible for you to have a complete kitchen garden!

Discover now how to create your kitchen garden!


A kitchen garden appears as an alternative to the classic outdoor vegetable garden and you will enjoy many advantages and benefits on a daily basis.

cork jars Plant your dishes

Fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs grown at home are the best solution to bring freshness and flavor to your dishes and make them green . Indeed, today we buy a lot of products in supermarkets that have lost their initial taste and their nutrients and consume more and more ready meals and junk food that are sorely lacking in fresh foods and plants that are good for our bodies.

Having a vegetable garden will allow you to eat better quickly by taking advantage of products that without treatment or GMOs will contain more vitamins and fibers . The vitamins and fiber contained in food are essential for the proper functioning of your body. Indeed, vitamins allow the cells of our body to function properly while fibers allow good intestinal transit and their consumption protects the heart.

Thanks to a kitchen garden, you will eat better and also fresher . A kitchen garden will allow you to enjoy fresh foods and thus their vitamins and minerals. Fresh products have higher levels of vitamins and minerals than frozen ones, for example. Indeed, freezing and preservation processes reduce these levels. Minerals, like vitamins and fibre, are essential for our body since they affect bodily functions such as bone formation.

In the long term, fresh foods such as aromatic herbs or fine herbs bring taste and much more flavor than frozen aromatic herbs bought in a supermarket. There is a wide choice of aromatic herbs that you can use to vary the pleasures and enhance all kinds of recipes. Indeed, by changing only the aromatic herb that you use in a dish, you transform its taste at the same time!

Green your interior

inner cork jar In addition to greening your dishes, greening your interior brings a decorative aspect that is increasingly popular. Indeed, plants and kitchen gardens are now also used to decorate and bring an original side to an interior. Plants often make it possible to create a relaxing and well-being environment thanks to their various shapes and colors. In addition, thanks to aromatic herbs, you can easily embalm your rooms with a fresh scent with mint or an aniseed scent with basil.

In addition to the positive impacts on your body, greening your interior has psychological benefits . Indeed, many teachers have recognized the positive impact of plants on people's psychological health. Plants participate in the rebalancing of the heart rate and thus in the reduction of stress in individuals. In addition, they allow greater concentration at work. 

cut cork jars

A family activity

If you have children, having a kitchen garden can quickly become an accessible activity for the whole family and to do as a family ! Gardening appears today as an alternative to traditional family activities. Gardening with your children will allow you on the one hand to spend time with them and on the other hand to make them discover in a playful way what nature offers them.

Thanks to an indoor vegetable garden , children can also learn a lot about nature and gardening. At their level, of course, they will be able to garden, grow different products and understand the life cycle of the food you have in your vegetable garden. Through this process, children will appreciate differently the foods they eat every day.

By growing fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs at home, you can easily involve your children in the preparation and realization of their dishes. They can thus develop a taste for cooking dishes that they like using fresh and healthy foods for their bodies and their growth. It can also make children aware of the consumption of fresh products with good nutrients and fibers for them by comparing what they eat at home with what they eat outside.



To create your own kitchen garden, URBAN CUISINE offers you a whole range of products created especially for people who can only have a vegetable garden in an apartment .

Depending on your desires, your needs and above all your space, URBAN CUISINE offers you three options for your kitchen garden. Discover them without delay!

Cork Pots

If you have a cramped kitchen with little space for a vegetable garden or if you only want to grow a handful of plants, UR BAN CUISINE has created Cork Pots with a sleek design and taking up little space . They land on any corner of your kitchen or next to your sink for watering simple plants, for example.

Each Cork Pot can grow a plant of vegetables , fruits or herbs of your choice. URBAN CUISINE offers you today to grow mint , chives , parsley and basil in your Cork Pot. All of these herbs are also easier to maintain even for beginners in gardening.
cork jars

The Balconniere

For those who prefer to have all their plants together in one place, URBAN CUISINE offers a durable metal window box . La Balconnière can be installed indoors in your kitchen but also outdoors on the edge of your kitchen window for example. Indeed, the material chosen for its manufacture allows it to resist bad weather.

La Balconnière comes with two Cultivation Clods , a bag of clay pebbles and a bag of nutrient-rich substrate to promote the cultivation of your plants. This product allows you to simultaneously grow two fruit, vegetable or aromatic herb plants all year round . A wide choice of plants is available to you: basil , cherry tomatoes , mini peppers , mint , coriander , parsley , Cayenne pepper , chives ...

The Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden

The Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden URBAN CUISINE will be perfect for city dwellers with a large space in their kitchen and for those wishing to cultivate many products simultaneously . Indeed, you can choose to grow up to 20 plants of fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs and soon edible flowers in your kitchen garden. You will have a complete and personalized vegetable garden !

No worries for gardening beginners and even for those with little time to devote to their vegetable garden, the Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden needs very little attention . The parameters of this indoor garden such as watering, humidity and temperature are optimized to ensure the growth of all your plants.

Cultivation Clods

Whether you choose a Cork Pot, a Flower Box or a Connected Indoor Vegetable Garden, you will need Cultivation Clods to grow your fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs!

URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clods have been designed to simplify gardening for city dwellers. Each Cultivation Clod already contains the sufficient number of seeds labeled "Organic Agriculture" to properly grow the crop and nutrients and plant fibers to ensure perfect taste and nutritional qualities for each plant.

All you have to do is plant your Cultivation Clods one by one in your Cork Pot, your Balcony Planter or your Optimized Vegetable Garden before watering them. All you have to do is wait to make your first harvests in the few months following the first shoots!


Between fruits, vegetables and herbs, you have a wide choice of varieties for your vegetable garden!

URBAN CUISINE invites you to discover some varieties of plants perfect for your kitchen garden, their benefits and how to maintain them.

URBAN CUISINE aromatic herbs

organic mint in jar

Potted Organic Green Mint is the essential aromatic herb in your kitchen! It embellishes your kitchen with its fresh fragrance and will delight your taste buds with a pleasant minty taste .

Mint is found in countless recipes. Thus, thanks to a single herb, you can enhance the taste of many cold or hot dishes, based on fruits or vegetables, in winter or summer! You can also use spearmint for infusions, syrups and even jams.

Spearmint is composed of several micronutrients such as iron, magnesium and calcium like many aromatic herbs. This herb also has toning and digestive properties.

To optimize the growth of your Spearmint , we advise you to place it in a semi-shaded, semi-sunny place and to ensure that the soil of the Cultivation Mound is always moist .

potted organic parsley

If you are looking for a herb with a fresh and herbaceous taste that goes well with many foods, Parsley is what you need. Parsley goes perfectly with soups, cooked vegetables, to accompany meat and fish and in sauce.

In addition to flavoring dishes, parsley is also full of healthy nutrients ! It is very rich in antioxidants such as iron for example and thus perfect for women who tend to lack it. Parsley also contains vitamins C and K and minerals such as iron and manganese. This herb is recognized as being ideal for the kidneys and for good digestion.

To grow parsley properly , we recommend placing it in full sun . Regarding watering, parsley needs regular water during its germination phase. Adult, occasional watering will suit him very well.

potted organic chives

With its onion aroma , chives are the aromatic herb to use to give a light and fresh taste to your mixed salads. This herb is also perfect to accompany a cheese platter and make sauces. Chives are ideal for cold dishes. This plant supports very badly the cooking and loses all its taste during this one.

Like other aromatics, chives contain many vitamins and nutrients . The phosphorus and iron it contains are beneficial for blood problems since it promotes blood circulation and the elasticity of vessels.

To optimize the cultivation of your chives , we advise you to place your plant during its germination phase in a place with little sunlight and to water it regularly . As an adult, you can place your chive plant in the sun and water it only when the root ball is dry .

potted organic basil Finally, Basil Grand Vert has an aniseed and nutmeg smell and flavor. This herb to consume fresh is ideal to decorate mixed salads and sauces and to flavor oil for example.

Basil leaves have many medicinal properties and even more when consumed as an infusion. Indeed, they facilitate digestion , reduce migraines and stomach cramps.

This herb is also easier to maintain ! During the germination phase, the Basil Grand Vert must be exposed to the sun for at least 6 hours a day and the soil must be moist . During its growth phase, the Basil must always be exposed to the sun but can only be watered twice a week.

URBAN CUISINE fruit and vegetable plants

If you prefer to grow fruits and vegetables in your kitchen, URBAN CUISINE advises you to choose small products such as cherry tomatoes , mini peppers or Cayenne peppers that have flavors that will make you want!

organic cherry tomato in jar

Cherry tomatoes are perfect for varying the pleasures! Raw or cooked, their tangy and sweet taste is ideal for enhancing the flavors of a dish. As an aperitif, in a summer salad or on a pizza, cherry tomatoes can be enjoyed all year round!

Cherry tomatoes also have many virtues. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and C. The consumption of cherry tomatoes also allows in the long term to protect our skin from ultraviolet rays.

To take advantage of these benefits, your Cherry Tomato plant must be placed in a sunny place so that it develops properly. We advise you to water your plant abundantly every 5 days, avoiding the leaves, then to reduce the watering when the first fruits appear.

mini bell pepper in jar Mini Peppers are also perfect for your kitchen garden. With their sweetness and sweet taste , Mini Peppers can be eaten raw in salads, as an aperitif with cheese bites or even stuffed to accompany meat.

Very rich in vitamin C , the pepper protects against infections and promotes bone health in particular. In addition, the antioxidants contained in the pepper help fight against certain cancers and cardiovascular diseases .

To optimize your culture of Mini Peppers, we advise you to place your plant so that it can benefit from the sun and to water it so that the root ball is always humid .

Finally, another must-have ingredient in your kitchen garden is Cayenne Pepper . For fans of spicy cuisine, Cayenne pepper will bring a spicy flavor to all your dishes! It can be used in recipes inspired by Indian, Asian and South American cuisine and is often found in sauces and soups.

The consumption of cayenne pepper has many health benefits. This ingredient protects the heart , relieves joint pain and stimulates the metabolism . So many benefits that will convince you to grow it in your vegetable garden!

To grow it properly, it is advisable to place your Cayenne Pepper plant in a sunny location. Regarding its water needs, all you need to do is water your plant abundantly once a week .

All you have to do is choose the shape of your kitchen garden and which plants you want to grow at home to enjoy fresh produce all year round!

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