Plantes aromatiques en pot bio

Aromatic plants in organic pots

Do you dream of being able to benefit from delicious herbs and aromatic plants all year round? Would you like to take a trip to an aromatic garden without having to leave your city apartment? Organic potted aromatic plants will spice up your daily life! They will allow you to enhance your dishes and enjoy many health benefits.

1. The advantages of organic potted aromatic plants

2. Aromatic plants to grow in organic pots

3. Where to place aromatic plants in organic pots

4. Choose a cork pot for your vegetable garden

5. Advice and maintenance of your organic potted aromatic plants


The advantages of aromatic plants in organic pots


The benefits of aromatic herbs have been recognized since antiquity and shrouded in myths. Did you know, for example, that the light blue color of rosemary flowers comes from the Virgin Mary? During her flight to Egypt, she would have left her shawl to dry on the shrub after having washed it. The rosemary flowers would thus have taken on this particular celestial color.


All these legends that are told about aromatic herbs are linked to the medicinal values ​​and the taste they bring to the dishes. For example, basil, in addition to being an aromatic herb with anti-inflammatory, anti-stress and antibacterial properties, is the main element of delicious dishes such as savory basil cake or savory basil madeleines .


In addition, the organic nature of aromatic herbs means that the plants come from organic seeds . You can therefore be sure not to ingest pesticides or other chemical inputs harmful to your health when you consume a product from your small personal organic vegetable garden.


To create your vegetable garden of organic potted aromatic plants, all you need to do is get organic seeds, potting soil and, of course, pots . All these products are available at different prices in garden centers. It is also possible to find this as a kit already assembled.

There are pots of different shapes, colors and materials. For example, you can opt for terracotta pots, plastic pots, cork pots or biodegradable pots – especially for your seedlings. This wide variety of jars makes it possible to meet each different taste.

The advantage of growing your aromatic plants in pots is that they will always be within reach , which is practical for cooking in particular. When you need a herb, all you have to do is cut a few leaves from your plant. The pots are also easily movable, which allows you to arrange your pots freely – even when the cultivation of your plants has already started.


Aromatic plants to grow in organic pots


There are many aromatic plants to grow in organic pots :


… and this list is not exhaustive! The only limit to this wide choice of possibilities is your taste and your personal desire!

Whatever aromatic plants you choose to grow, however, make sure that the plants always have enough water and sun depending on the variety.


Our advice is to choose a pot suitable for the strains you are growing as well as the stage your plant is in.

It is particularly recommended to use biodegradable pots for the sowing phase . For planting, fill the pots with soil, then plant the seeds at a depth corresponding in general to 3 times the length of the seed. For example, 2mm seeds will need to be planted 6mm below ground. The advantage of using a biodegradable pot is that once the seeds have germinated, you won't have to transplant the plants. All you have to do is place the biodegradable pots with your seedlings in the final pot.


The size of the pot also depends on the number of different plants you are going to put in it. If you want to put 2 plants in one pot, for example, make sure that the pot is big enough and that the 2 varieties of herbs go well together – to avoid creating a hybrid variety.



Where to place aromatic plants in organic pots


The cultivation of aromatic herbs is possible anywhere: in a garden, on a balcony , indoors as well as outdoors.


If you decide to place your pots indoors, an optimal location seems to be the kitchen. This way you will have your aromatic herbs always at hand and can pick leaves when you prepare delicious dishes. Since the pots are independent from each other , you are totally free in the layout of your pots . For example, you can place them one behind the other as well as dispatch them in the room. Another advantage is that the pots can be moved even once the cultivation of the aromatic herbs has started – unlike some vegetable gardens which are in a real fixed structure.


In addition, there are really design pots and the arrangement of these pots is sometimes almost a work of art. We can indeed arrange the pots according to the colors or the shape of these. In order to really give the impression of a small garden, we advise you to put the pots with the large aromatic herbs in height and the low plants in front. This will make it easier to see all the herbs.


Choose a cork pot for your vegetable garden


To make the adventure of the vegetable garden pleasant and easy, URBAN CUISINE has developed Cork Pots specially designed for indoor cultivation . With these Pots, we want to allow everyone to live a unique gardening experience and to grow many varieties of fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and organic aromatic plants with ease.

The Cork Pots we have developed are made in France from cork oak harvested in France . Cork is a light and waterproof material in addition to being reusable and biodegradable . This is the material we have chosen for our product and we work our Pot with a craftsman based in the South West of France. Did you know that there are only two manufacturers of cork pots left in France?


The development of these Pots reflects URBAN CUISINE's ambition to develop products of high quality and respectful of the environment , while participating in promoting the know-how of French craftsmen. These cork pots correspond to our commitment so that the work produced by our craftsmen in France is recognized and remunerated at the right price. Cork pots also contribute to our desire to support a local and sustainable economy.


The Cork Pots can be used with the URBAN CUISINE Cultivation Clods of your choice for simplified planting without soil or fertilizer . No need for additional seeds for your plant, they are already present in the Cultivation Ball to facilitate planting, for the sure successful sowing of your aromatic plant and for all the varieties you choose to grow!

Our Cork Pot can be reused harvest after harvest by placing a new Cultivation Plug of the variety of your choice. Thus, the Pots allow you to discover or rediscover the true taste of the varieties grown directly at home in your vegetable garden.


URBAN CUISINE Cork Pots and Cultivation Clods thus form a planting kit for simple and pleasant indoor cultivation . These kits will allow you to create a small indoor garden that will allow you to enjoy organic fruit, vegetable and aromatic plants all year round. The plant of the variety of your choice will go perfectly with your dishes thanks to our recipe advice!

Advice and care for your organic potted aromatic plants


Care tips for your herbs vary from strain to strain, but in general it's important to make sure the plants get enough water and sunlight .


A tip to have generous harvests is to regularly prune the plant . It will become thicker this way. Know that all plants compete for access to light. Thus , pruning the plants that make shade on the sides allows the hidden leaves to grow by accessing the light in turn. Also, when you remove leaves or fruit, it leaves more room for others to grow too. It is therefore important to harvest without delay as soon as your herbs have grown enough, and to prune your plants regularly by removing dead or yellowed leaves.

To harvest, cut a stem of several leaves with a kitchen knife but be careful never to exhaust more than 2/3 of the plant so as not to weaken it too much!

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